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A whole new world…

Apr 15, 2014 islandangel | Uncategorized

Where does the time go? There’s not enough hours in the day to keep up with this new crazy life! :) I thought I better blog before I was disowned by the very few who read this…

Welllllllllllllllll… Xavier is  now 9 weeks old. Wowzers!  He was born on February 9th and 3 hospitals later we brought him home on March 22nd. After having been in the hospital from January 8th to March 22nd I was over joyed to finally be home!!! I think Steve was happy to have us home too ;)

Life as we know it is no more, we’re now consumed with diapers, bottles and a cute but sometimes crying baby but we wouldn’t have it any other way ;) Both sets of Grandparents are also over the moon to say the least!

He was 3 pounds 13 ounces when he was born, he is now almost 8 pounds. Eating and growing like crazy, but he still looks so tiny ;) We still can’t believe he is all ours :)

Overall he is a great baby. He sleeps a lot still but he has his fussy spells where he cries a lot and will not settle but it is usually to do with acid reflux and gas cramps. We have him on xantax for his acid reflux now which has helped a lot. Often times at night when he is done eating, he doesn’t want to go back into his bed, he cries and cries and wants to be held. We often have to hold him until he falls asleep and or use white noise to settle him.

I am happy that after a long miserable winter the weather is finally warming up! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :) I am anxious to be able to take Xavier out in the stroller for walks at the boardwalk.

When he is sleeping during the day I use that time to clean and work on my many organization projects. We originally had moved our 6+ bookshelves and 1000′s of books and other junk out of one spare bedroom and put the stuff into our storage room. It was a lot of hard work to make it all fit but we have decided that room is not suitable for a baby’s room. Our neighbors below us smoke and it must be chain smoking because a smokey smell is drifting up and into that room.

Soooooooo I am in the process of moving the books back to the original room, only 2 book shelves left to move (we’ll worry about organizing the books later).  We also have to squish in our apartment sized deep freeze and storage shelf for dry goods and other odds ends and junk we can’t bare to part with. It’s a lot of work and I am trying to purge and organize as we go. While I was hospitalized Steve put a lot of stuff in storage at his parents basement. Thank god, because we’d never fit it all in that one room!

I have the soon to be baby’s room almost emptied out. Just need Steve to help move the last two book shelves and a chair into the other room. Steve needs to take the crib apart to get it out of the room and move it across the hall. I already moved the changing table into the room, the dresser is in our room for now. I hung up any clothes he got as presents in his closet and organized them by size. Put some of his gifts in his closet as storage just until they find their place. It’s slowly coming together! Even though he will not sleep in there for quite some time, I want to have it all set up and functional.

I have been taking spurts in the kitchen getting it re-organized, Steve was living like a messy bachelor for a few months while I was away ;) One day I tackled the pots and pans and got them straightened out, another day I made some sense of the tupperware cupboard. Recently I tackled the deep freeze and fridge freezer;  I organized them and made a list of the contents. Then one day I tore apart the dry goods cupboards and re-vamped it completely and also made a list of everything we had. I still need to go through all the utensil and storage drawers but that will have to wait for another day, as I have bigger fish to fry first.

I have been working on our bedroom in spurts off and on. Re-organized the clothes in our closet and packed some items in storage bins which found homes in the closet too. I still have more items to sort and figure out, but just keeping up with hanging up the never ending laundry is a chore alone ;(

Speaking of a never ending chores… Oh my god, how much hair can a pug shed? Apparently a lot! It is never ending sweeping every day to keep the floors from floating with fur! Not to mention cooking and doing dishes, that keeps me super busy. I am trying to be a good little house wife and have meals ready for Steve ;)  It’s the basics each day that eat up so much time, makes it hard to fit in the extra projects.

We are also kept very busy with appointments. Physio, blood work, weekly Dr appointments, Needles, etc. We’re definitely kept busy but we’re very happy :)

Until next time!

Welcome Baby Xavier !!!

Mar 2, 2014 islandangel | Uncategorized

Xavier @ 1 Day Old

Sorry that I have been missing in action, but things have been insane to say the least…

I was hospitalized for a week on PEI where my blood pressure continued to be a problem. On February 4th I woke up from a nap at 3pm and immediately knew something was wrong. My blood pressure went to 198/110 and no amount of IV’s (they put in 3) and medicines oral or IV wise could bring it down. I was in danger of seizure or stroke, so they called the lifeflight team to come and get me and bring me to the IWK in Halifax Nova Scotia. It’s a 4 hour car drive or a 30 minute air plane ride as I soon discovered.

It was chaotic, I had 6-8 nurses and a Doctor working on me for 2 hours while we waited for the plane. My hubby had to rush in from work, as did my parents. Finally lifeflight arrived and I was whisked off to the airport by ambulance and we were off flying. My hubby and parents traveled over by car and joined me later on.

I was put on a million pills and magnesium sulfate IV and catheter. Eventually they stabilized by blood pressure but I had horrible migraine headaches that would not go away despite pretty powerful drugs. The next day my blood pressure stabilized finally and they were keeping me admitted. I sent my hubby and parents home because a giant snow storm threatened to keep them stuck. I didn’t think there was any need of them staying because I was going to be on bed rest still for possibly many weeks to come.

Shortly after my family left, they did an MRI, the MRI showed signs of possible MS. That was a shocker! Kind of wished I had my family then…They said they would get a neurologist to come see me in the next day or two. (fast forward – 3 days later a neurologist shows up who says he doesn’t agree with MS, let’s just say he was not a pleasant neurologist to deal with. I am to get a second opinion when I get back to PEI).

The next day I was diagnosed with pneumonia! Seriously! On top of Gestational Diabetes, Blood Pressure problems, now I had pneumonia and I was miserable! I was soooooooooooooo sick and the blood pressure kept flaring up and causing horrible headaches, and my vision was blurry. I was hardly able to move around without losing my breath. It was awful…

On Feb 8th in the middle of the night I took a turn for the worse. My platelets dropped, my hemoglobin dropped and my liver was showing signs of failing. To top it off my blood pressure sky rocketed again… I was quickly moved from a normal room to a delivery room where they hooked me back up to the magnesium sulfate IV which helped last time, and I had a dedicated 24/7 nurse watching me like a hawk. I can’t describe to you how sick I was…

Ended up calling my family at 5:30 am to come over right away, as I was at risk for seizure or stroke again and I knew it was going from bad to worse very quickly. Steve came over on his own, he didn’t want to wait for my parents who couldn’t come over for a few more hours. It’s a 4 hour drive and Steve made it in record time. I was so happy to see him and I was starting to feel a little better and my blood pressure calmed down. My parents arrived a few hours later and again I took a turn for the worse.

Later that afternoon I started to notice contractions. At first we thought they were braxton hicks until the nurse and I started timing them. We quickly noticed they were coming like clock work.

At 4:40 pm on Feb 8th the doctor checked me when we told them of my contractions, I was 0 cm’s dilated.
They then were going to decide if they should stop my contractions or not. One doctor wanted to stop them and the other thought I should deliver, that my body couldn’t handle much more.

At 8:30 pm still having contractions and they checked me again. This time to everyone’s surprise I was dilated to 1 cm and almost fully effaced. They then made the decision to let my body rock and roll and have this baby! I had already had steroid injections for his lungs a week prior. They put cervidil on my cervix to see if it would induce me along because they worried my body would resist delivering so early. They said it could take 2-3 doses of cervidil to work and 2-3 days before the baby would arrive…

At 2:45 am on Feb 9th I was 2-3 cm’s and they broke my water. The cervidil fell out and they put a probe on Xavier’s head to monitor his heart rate and something inside me to monitor contractions because they were struggling to get readings by external belly monitors.

At 6:30 am I got a splendidly wonderful epidural which I highly recommend, plus it was recommended to me because it can help with high blood pressure.

At 8 am I was 3-4cms dilated. At 10:45am I was 6-7cm’s dilated. Things were moving quickly and we called my parents to come to the hospital from their hotel room asap!

At 11:45am I could really feel him moving down the birth canal. I told them “I think he is going to fall out!”
So they got a Doctor to check me and at 11:52 am on Feb 9th I was at 9-10cm’s dialated! At 12 noon I was fully dilated! Wowzers!

At 12 noon they had me start pushing with contractions, 2 contractions and 8 pushes later Xavier was born at 12:08 pm! The NICU team and the Doctor didn’t make it to my room in time. Xavier was delivered by a Resident Doctor.

Xavier was 3 pounds 13 ounces and 17 3/4 inches long. He was put in the NICU intensive care and was kept under a close watch. He didn’t need any assistance breathing, he was on room oxygen air that you or I breath. He was in a cpap machine and had a hose hooked up to his nose to help keep his air ways open. He also had an IV and a bunch of wires for sugar water and lipid feedings, etc.

I was unable to hold Xavier after he was born, he was given to me for a kiss on the cheek and whisked off to the NICU. I was not allowed to see him until 10pm that night after my IV finished and catheter etc removed. It was the longest 10 hours of my life! I only had pictures that my hubby took on our camera to look at. I wanted to see my baby!

He was doing very well and on day 2 he went under the jaundice lights until the morning of day 6. Also on day 6 he had his IV and lipid lines removed. He now only has a feeding tube and his sensors on. At 1 week old he was removed from the cpap machine and was upgraded to a cot (those clear bassinets on wheels) and we were also moved from NICU 1 intensive care to NICU 2 which is where he stayed until we got transported to the QEH Hospital in Ctown, PEI on February 18th, 2014. On February 25th, 2014 he was then transferred to the PCH Hospital in Sside, PEI.

He is doing great and we are so thankful. He is 3 weeks old today (35 weeks gestation corrected). He started taking some feeds by a bottle today, a huge milestone and if he can tolerate each feed with a bottle over the next little while, they will remove his nose feeding tube. He has not had any further episodes of apnea where he stops breathing, so tomorrow his heart rate and respiration monitors may be removed, leaving him with just his oxygen sensor.

They are all very impressed at how strong he is and how wonderfully he is doing for being born at 32 weeks exactly.  He is one ounce shy of 5 pounds now and doing so well.

As for me, I am still recovering from pre-eclampsia / HELLP syndrome.  My blood pressure is still on the high end and I am still medicated. I was retaining over 50 pounds of fluid in my legs and feet, I could barely get pants on and I can only manage to wear flip flops which cut deeply into me.  Amazingly I have lost over 40 pounds in fluid already and have 20 or more to go. My pneumonia is much better now thankfully.

It’s been quite the journey so far but we are very very happy with the outcome. Now we can’t wait to go home :)

Xavier @ 2  weeks 6 days old

Roller Coaster Ride for Two…

Jan 24, 2014 islandangel | Uncategorized

Hello blogging world! I am back and I have sooooooooooooo much to tell you. Where oh where to begin is the question…

I guess we will start with the events that happened shortly after my last blog post. I went for my routine Ob-Gyn appointment on January 6th, 2014 to see my Doctor. He reviewed my blood sugar results from the past two weeks and said I needed to be put on insulin. He  advised me that he was going to admit me to the hospital for 2 days to get me regulated and find the right dose of insulin. I was then advised to pick what day I would like to be admitted.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeps!!! That was not what I was expecting at all to say the least. So we decided I would be admitted on January 8th, 2014 in the early morning. Made arrangements with my work, packed my bags and off I went not knowing what was in store for me. What was supposed to be 2 days ended up being 5 days! My body is living up to it’s reputation and is being very stubborn. Went from super high #’s to constantly crashing too low into the hypoglycemic ranges.  It was a scary bumpy ride by times. In the end the reluctantly let me go home on the condition I was in constant contact with the diabetic nurse who could adjust my medicines up or down depending which I needed. We’re still struggling to find the right balance, it will quite possibly need to be adjusted on a regular basis as my body changes with the pregnancy.

It’s a huge adjustment to say the least. I wake up, check my blood sugar, take my insulin needle, wait 30 mins, eat breakfast, one hour later check my blood sugar again. Two hours later have a snack. Two to three hours later check my blood sugar, take my insulin needle, wait 30 minutes and eat lunch, then check blood sugar one hour later. Two hours later have a snack. Two to three hours later check my blood sugar, take my insulin needle, wait 30 minutes and eat supper, then check blood sugar one hour later. Then check my blood sugar before my bed time snack and have my snack.

If I am feeling the signs of symptoms in the middle of the night, then I have to get up and check my blood sugars then too, same goes for during the day.  If I take low blood sugar spells I get shaky, foggy head, sweating, feeling nausea and weakness etc etc etc. As a result I have to eat before I get too low, otherwise you can go into diabetic shock or coma.  Since my body is not used to being on the low end of sugars, I get bad symptoms when my blood sugars dip below 4.5, most wouldn’t feel a thing til 3.8 or below. My body is in hyper sensitive drive and is proving to be a challenge.

Before I left the hospital my Doctor put me off work for my own good and for the health of the pregnancy. Controlling my eating and insulin schedule would be next to impossible while still working crazy stressful shift work. It just wasn’t worth it, he wanted me resting and just taking care of the baby and I. I was relieved but stressed at the same time, as financially we were not prepared for me to be off work so early. So now we have a 28+ day wait for my first EI check to kick in. So we are on a tight budget for now…

I have 2-3+ appointments per week with Doctor’s, ultrasounds, diabetic nurses, diabetic dieticians, etc. It’s a full time job going to the appointments and juggling the whole diabetic schedule. I am not sleeping so well at nights, as Xavier is keeping me awake most the night with a sudden burst of hyper activity, and ten times as many bathroom trips.  So I live for my cat naps during the day between needles and food schedules. I cannot simply imagine how I’d do it all without being off work right now.

Another down side to the health front, is that I have been experiencing non stop headaches since I started insulin needles. No clue if it’s a co-incidence or not, but it was 2 weeks before we discovered my blood pressure was out of control. I put the clues together on my own and ended up in the ER one night last week for 4+ hours hooked up to a blood pressure machine, which was checking me every 15 minutes. They almost admitted me again, but let me go home at midnight under the advice of my Ob-Gyn who said to come see him first thing the next morning. I am now taking blood pressure medicine twice a day. It took a few days to kick in, but it is finally starting to help bring my blood pressure back to normal. Mom and Dad bought me a portable blood pressure machine so I can check my #’s from home and record them for the doctor to bring to my appointments.

Unfortunately my headaches did not go away when my blood pressure was lowered. I also had a bad day of nose bleeds recently. Tylenol doesn’t help them any. I guess I will have to call my family doctor and have him check for any signs of sinus infections or any other explanations he may have. It’s hard on the head to have these headaches all the time, no pun intended. My arm/hand numbness is still present but carpel tunnel pains have kicked in full force and it affects me greatly at nights. Did I mention I would like to sell my boobs right about now? OMG the pain… Milk ducts must me forming or clogged or aliens invaded, it’s a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale, I just cannot describe he excruciating pain they go through 4-5 times a day.  The pain literally takes your breath away and you just want to cry and scream. Ooooh the joys of pregnancy ;)

Despite my body being a war zone and falling apart, baby Xavier is doing wonderfully. He is oblivious to all the aches and pains his mother is going through. At his ultrasound last week he weighed 2 pounds 11 ounces. They are checking him every two weeks to ensure he is not gaining too much weight on account of my diabetes. If not controlled, he has potential to gain 1 pound a week between now and delivery! Ouch!!! That would be a 15 pound baby, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks!!! :P

I asked the Doctor what happens if he gets too big, will they let me have him early? He said there’s a few scenarios. One scenario is his growth becomes restricted and they take him early because he isn’t growing properly. Another scenario is he is gaining weight, they will let him just keep gaining and gaining as long as he is growing healthy. If he gets much too big, they will consider taking me early, and he said most likely no matter what he would take me in early at 39 weeks. Soooooooooooo it will all depend on a lot of variables. They are watching me closely for signs of pre-eclampsia, as I am retaining a lot of fluid, high blood pressure, etc. It’s looking quite possible that we may be having a March baby instead of an April 6th baby!

Count down is on… 72 more days until our due date! We are 29 weeks and 4 days pregnant, can you believe it??? Some days it still feels like a dream. After battling infertility for 15 years, and waking up from many dreams that felt oh so real over the years and realizing my pregnancy was just a dream, to actually living this dream is surreal. Every day his kicks are getting stronger and they leave me in awe and amazement. Knowing his name, feeling him move, preparing for his arrival, it’s a dream come true!

We bought the first of the big baby items last week! We picked out a crib, but they didn’t have the espresso color I wanted in stock, so it had to be ordered. It might not be here for 8-9 weeks, so it could be a toss up who arrives first, the baby or the crib ;) We also got a matching changing table in espresso. They didn’t have a dresser in our preferred price range, but we found an espresso dresser locally somewhere else the other day as well. We got a pak n play with a built in sleeper and changing spot, which will be where he will sleep in our room for the first few months. We picked out a stroller/car seat combo which was on a super good sale! We got a portable high chair seat that attaches to any kitchen chair. My Mom and Dad met us at the store and had us pick out our shower gifts. So we chose a high chair and a baby monitor set. We also got the crib mattress and a few other odds and ends. So relived to finally have some of the bigger items bought and knowing if he came early, we’ve at least got that much ready.

Steve’s dreading the big building event, where he has to assemble all these items we bought lol… Poor guy, I won’t be much help, reading instructions is like reading greek to me! I told him to have some guy friends over, bribe them with beer, but no beer until the work is done haha! I don’t want lop sided furniture lol…

Started our pre-natal classes the other night. We go every Tuesday for 6 weeks, so far there’s 11 other couples with us, but 14 had signed up, so more may show up next week. Everyone in the class is due in March/April. Steve couldn’t get over how big some of the women were belly wise. He said I was one of the smallest people there belly wise. I told him that is to be expected, I have lost 30 pounds so far this pregnancy and not gained anything. I am also carrying super low, so I am not as noticable as most moms, nor was I small to begin with, so my baby weight looks hidden. I only really look pregnant when sitting down, definitely not when standing.

Well, I’ve likely put you to sleep with all my ramblings! Hope everything is well in your world, and will update again soon!

Wow… I cannot believe it, today marks the beginning of the 3rd trimester! Some days it feels like yesterday we were still making routine trips to the specialist in efforts to get pregnant. I can still remember waiting to test and the disbelief when the tests finally turned positive. I took almost a test a day for a month or so just to make sure the lines stayed dark.

We walked on egg shells for the first trimester, as we were terrified of another devastating early loss. We held our breath as we waited for each phone call to give us our latest beta numbers and we dared not breath at our first 8 week ultrasound as we waited to see if there was a baby and a heart beat.

As we entered the second trimester we dared to breath a little easier but we still had that little nagging worry in the back of our mind, but we were starting to get a little more excited.  Seeing the baby at our 19 week 4 day ultrasound was amazing, it brought tears to our eyes.  Since then we’ve had 3 more ultrasounds and more to come. Each time seeing the baby it gets more and more amazing. Seeing little arms and legs kicking and waving and little outlines of a nose and chin are adorable. Makes the heart melt…

As we enter the third trimester we have a lot ahead of us over the next few months! We begin going for ultrasounds every 2 weeks due to being diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  We will have to start seeing our Ob-Gyn every 2 weeks now as well  as many more tests to go.

Our prenatal classes on January 21st, 2014  which makes this whole ordeal feel very real ! It makes the finish line feel so much closer! We need to start buying all the bigger furniture and getting the baby items. Once we start seeing the baby items pile up in the apartment I am sure we will hit a whole new level of baby shock ;)

I hope Santa found everyone! We had a good Christmas. It went by fast but we had a nice time with our families. I was on vacation from Dec 23rd to January 1st, it too flew by fast. Had a few lazy days in there but for the most part it was busy busy busy. I decided to tear the apartment apart room by room and clean, purge and organize. We got a bunch of new storage bins on sale at Walmart and I went to work.

Steve had a few friends over for New Years Eve and they helped him move the 5 book shelves and books from the baby’s room to the other spare storage room. So now the baby’s room is 90% emptied out and soon we can start getting it ready. We’re debating on painting the room or not. If we paint it, we have to paint it back to white before we move out or we lose part of our damage deposit.

So all in all, made a huge dent in the apartment, shipped my Christmas storage to Steve’s parents basement. We have some more bins to take down too. It was a very productive vacation and the nesting has begun ;)

Ooooooooooooooh, I almost forgot! We picked a name for our little boy :) After a lot of thought and great consideration, our little boy shall be named Xavier :) We both like the name, and we each chose a middle name that means a lot to us from our families. We told our families and everyone was happy :) Although my grandmother asked where on earth I got that name from haha!

So exciting to have a name to go with the little guy who is kicking up a storm day and night. April will be here before we know it <3

We are having a…

Dec 16, 2013 islandangel | Uncategorized

We have reached the exciting point of 24 weeks pregnant! Looking back, we’ve come a long way and luckily the journey ahead is shorter and getting closer to our little bundle of joy!

The past week has been a busy one and a roller coaster of a ride to say the least! On Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 I went to a morning appointment with a nurse at Public Health. Answered a million routine questions and was given the course outline for our prenatal classes beginning on January 21st, 2014.

Later that same afternoon we had our second anatomy scan to get more measurements and see if we could determine the gender. It went much better this time than the last time. Same ultrasound technician but she was less of a negative nelly this time. We were very excited to find out that we are expecting a boy :)

It was kind of comical because Steve has been convinced from day 1 that it was a girl. I kept telling him I felt it was a boy. Mother’s intuition was right this time ;) We were very happy to bring in my Mom, Dad and Grandmother and Steve’s Mom and Dad into the ultrasound to show them the baby and tell them the good news of it being a boy. Everyone was pretty excited to say the least :)

On Thursday, December 12th, 2013 I had to go for my one hour glucose sugar test. That orange drink is way too sweet for me, I had to drink it slow. After drinking it you have to wait in the waiting room for 1 hour and then they take a whack of blood samples. That is always fun!

Friday morning at 10:30am I got a phone call from my Obgyn at work. Calling me at work is never a good thing… He was calling me to tell me that my blood glucose levels came back and they were very very high. He asked for me to go to the hospital to be admitted for 2 days to be monitored and allow them to get my blood sugars under control. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I asked when he wanted me there? He said how soon can you get there? I told him I would have to call back…

So I gave my boss the bad news, I hated leaving work in a lurch like this because it’s our peak busy season and we’re already all stressed to the max. She said do what I need to do for the health of myself and the baby. I went and called Steve and then my Mom. Steve was very concerned and wanted to leave work right away. I convinced him to stay at work because with me losing pay, we’d need his pay. Mom wanted to come up right away too, but no sense because I would just be tied up with paper work, nurses and getting settled.

So I went home, packed my bags and headed up, not quite sure what was in store for the next few days… I was checked in at the desk downstairs and sent up to the maternity ward. I went up but the nurses all appeared to be on lunch, it was a ghost town. I stood there waiting and waiting. Eventually a nearby Pediatrics nurse saw me and showed me to a room she said would likely be mine. It was an interesting room, looked more like a storage room. The door said ambulatory care but you could tell that it wasn’t a room they used. It had a set up for 3 beds plus a nurses station and one bathroom. One bed was set up in the corner and the rest of the room was storing multiple spare pediatric beds and baby bassinets.

I waited in this room for about an hour before someone came to see me. My first nurse was young and very nice. She explained to me that I was being put on a diabetic diet, I would need to see a diabetic councilor, I would need routine glucose monitoring, and so on. The next few days were pretty slow and boring. Finger prick before every meal and one hour after every meal and before bed. Bland icky diabetic hospital food. I was dehydrated at one point so I had to drink water by the gallons.

The next evening I finally saw my ob-gyn for the first time and he said because of the impending storm and the fact it was the weekend, he was going to let me go home if I promised to get a blood glucose monitor etc. I have been deemed with gestational diabetes. So my Mom took my prescription for the blood glucose machine and all the necessary supplies. I got home around 8pm and we had to go to the grocery store to get suitable foods for me to eat until I could get more information from the diabetic center.

So all in all, we’re doing well, my fingers are getting sore from all the constant testing, but it’ll be well worth it if they can figure out what treatment I need to stay healthy. I am waiting for my referral phone call to see the diabetic center, hopefully they will get back to me soon. They will decide if I need insulin to treat it.

Fingers crossed, stay tuned!

Team Green Still…

Nov 26, 2013 islandangel | Uncategorized

Well almost a few weeks ago Steve and I had an ultrasound appointment at the local hospital for an anatomy scan. This is where they take 60 pictures of the baby and all the baby parts and make sure everything is ok. They also attempt to find out the gender if you want them to.

My Mom and Dad and good friend Leisa also came and waited until they were allowed to come in the room to see the baby. Steve and I went in first and within 60 seconds or less, the ultrasound tech (an older stern lady) burst our bubble and practically ruined the experience we had longed for!

First she made a disgusted sound that my ultrasound view was terrible, said my bladder wasn’t full enough, wasn’t clear enough and said she wouldn’t be able to do what she wanted and I’d HAVE to come back and there was NO way she’d see if it was a boy or girl today. No hello, are you excited, is this your first or tenth kid. No nothing just immediate bitching and bursting our excited bubble.

Thanks Lady! Just because you do this every day and I was inconveniencing you with my hard to read scans, doesn’t mean you have to be rude about it.Sigh… Some people!

Sooooooo we still do not know what the baby is, but was happy to show Mom, Dad and Leisa the little cutie. We could see the side profile of nose, lips, chin, neck. We also saw the arm up in the air with a little fist, so adorable! Saw the spine and leg up in the air too. We may not have met yet little baby, but I already love you <3

So we will be going back on December 10th, 2013 to the hospital to try again. They have 30+ pics left to take and they will give the gender another try. Fingers crossed we have a better experience this time.

I have a doctor appointment with my Ob-Gyn on December 5th, so I may ask if he will give it a try for me ;) Never hurts to ask! Steve may be working that day again, and with his job still being on his first 6 month probation we don’t rock the boat with time off requests except for the BIG hospital appointments. So Leisa has been coming with me to my appointments that Steve can’t make. I asked Steve if Leisa and I go and they offer to tell us the sex at my Ob appointment do I say yes or wait for him? He gave me the green light to find out ;)

Winter is upon us! Brrrrrrrr…. I was stubborn and wore my flip flops through the first snow storm and the cold weather. I wore sneakers to work today. I feel too dressed down in sneakers at work. I have no shoes that are fitting me right now and I hate socks ;) I tried to find a new pair of shoes but ended up having to return them. Back to the drawing board on finding shoes to get me through to the spring/summer.

I am also realizing quickly that I may be in trouble when it comes to a winter coat! My thicker hoodies are getting too small, can’t wear them. My hoodie that fits and stretches well is paper thin. My sweater lets the wind blow through it. I have one dressier winter coat. Scared to try it on and see if it fits. Eeeeps! Winter jacket shopping is slim pickings for plus size women where I live. One real place to buy them and they are usually $200+. Waaaaay too much $$$ for a few months and one season of wearing it. Ugh…

Hard to believe but we are more than half way through this pregnancy!!! We were 21 weeks on November 24th. It’s an exciting and scary time. Praying all continues to go well.
I am definitely feeling pregnant!!! I pee all the time, my stomach has changed shape completely and has popped out. To some I likely still just look plus size when standing and not pregnant, but when I sit, the baby bump is cute ;)
I am going through awkward discomfort as my stomach stretches and grows.

As far as feeling the baby, I definitely am feeling more and more all the time. I still use the doppler to hear the baby almost daily/nightly. I love hearing the baby swishing and wooshing around. More and more I feel the baby and the feelings get stronger all the time. Some times it just feels like a swirling storm in there, other times it’s definite kicks and punches. What used to be just light flutters, is stronger now and more noticeable. A wonderful amazing experience!

We are very happy and blessed.

Witches and Ghouls…

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Hallowe’en is upon us again! Decorations everywhere you go, stores have mountains of candy displays. Everyone is running around in costumes and going to parties.

We went to a Hallowe’en party last night at a friends house. Steve dressed up as a floozy woman lol… He put on one of my ugly dresses and we decked him out in a wig, fake giant eyelashes, make up, jewellery and the whole nine yards. It was priceless, he was the hit of the party!!! I went on the tamer side, I was a black cat ;) That was the first hallowe’en party I’ve been to in years, we had a lot of fun.

I am anxious to go through my Christmas decorations that are in storage at my parent’s house. I haven’t unpacked them in 3 years! I am excited to decorate for Christmas this year, as this is Steve and I’s first Christmas with a place to ourselves, no living at home or roommates.

I have a ton of small Christmas ornaments, way too many that could ever fill this apartment. I am going to go through them and weed some out and maybe add some new editions, but bigger pieces this time. I’d like some craft wooden additions from the craft fair in a few weeks.

I hope Napolean doesn’t pee on our Christmas tree! He’s never been around a Christmas tree much before. I don’t know if we should use our small fake one or get a real tree. Decisions decisions! Guess I still have a lot of time to figure it out…

Every so often I go on a mad tear and clean every little thing that has been urking me and pissing me off but I was too tired to do it. Today I spent an exhausting tired day in bed off and on. Surprisingly earlier in the evening I made Steve a big spaghetti dinner. I can count on one hands the amount of times I have cooked a meal for him since I got pregnant. I’ve had little to no desire to go near. Later on  around 11pm my brain had enough of the things I was wanting done and I tore into it!

Started by taking everything out of the kitchen, swept every nook and cranny and washed the base boards down. Then I got out the mop and scrubbed down the kitchen floor. Took me a while to do the kitchen because I don’t have a lot of energy, so I’d get exhausted easy and had to take breaks. I just need to wait for Steve to help me put everything back in the kitchen.

Next stop was the living room… As much as I love our dog, I hate all the shedding. I feel like I forever have a carpet of dog hair under my feet on the hardwood floors. I could sweep every day and still fill a dust pan! So the floor hadn’t been done in a few days and I was jonesing to scrub the floors too. Soooooo filled my dustpan with a mini dog like pile of hair and set to work scrubbing the floors. That took a while because I kept getting sore and tired. Glad it is done now!

I have 3 tall bookshelves in the living room full of picture frames and ornaments. Dusting them is a chore all in it’s own because I move everything and wipe it all down. So thankfully that was done and now my shelves are dust free again. I also dusted the entertainment unit / tv and all picture frames on the walls. Next stop is dust the coffee / end tables when I rest up from my last energy burst.

I also was getting very cranky about the bathroom floor. It is old crappy linoleum flooring and dark colored. It’s so dull and meh… I had an urge to wipe down baseboards and scrub the floor and base of the toilet where pug hair likes to cling to a sweaty toilet bowl. So A bunch of lysol wipes later and a good scrubbing, my floor is now happier, or maybe it is me who is happier lol…

Next stop to clean is the hallway floors but that cannot be done until Steve moves the kitchen stuff back into the kitchen. That will be the last of the cleaning for tonight, after all it is almost 3am now ;) I work 4-12am tomorrow and am off the next day, my plans for after work and my day off is to sweep, dust and scrub the bedroom and do some tidying. I also have a mountain of laundry that needs to be hung up, boooo :P

I am anxious to start working on the baby’s room. The baby’s room is currently our library with 5 bookshelves over flowing. We need to move those bookshelves to the room across the hall which is currently a storage room. We already got rid of a van load of items out of the storage room and sold them at the flea market. So we are starting to make room to move the books but we have a ways to go yet.

One thing taking up a lot of space in there is about 12 tubs of baby clothes. I have them separated by boys/girls/neutral. Steve said once we find out if it is a boy or girl, we will take the tubs of the opposite sex clothing and put in storage at my parents house to clear up some space. He said then he’d be ready to start re-arranging the storage room and bringing in the bookshelves.

I know it sounds anal retentive, but I want to make all the bookshelves match. I have two matching ones in there now. I want to buy at least 3 more to match and get rid of our older non-matching bookshelves. They came from Canadian Tire, and they seem to go on sale every 2-3 months. I wanted to get them last month when they were on sale again but Steve wanted to wait, grrrrrr hahaha! Next time they go on sale, no if ands or buts, they will be bought and assembled.

I guess the reason I am so anxious to start the room is because I know November to late December are write offs to me because of work. I’ll be a stress ball crumpled up in a corner because Christmas is our insane busy time where our staff increases by about 6 times.  So I won’t have time or energy to be moving 1500+ books and setting up a room during this time. I also don’t know what the future holds. What if something goes wrong and I end up on bed rest etc? I just want to be prepared. Sooooooooo I guess I just need to find a balance between patience on my part and lighting a fire under Steve’s butt ;)

I am still recovering from being sick sick sick last week, but I am a million times better than I was. I am hoping to have it completely out of my system soon. I had a few setbacks which required more medicines, but I am on the mend. If nothing else, it will just go back to the same annoying sinus drainage that I have had since I got pregnant.

Well I had best think about finishing my dusting and go to bed! Have a happy Hallowe’en!!!!

16 Weeks and Counting <3

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We are now 4 months / 16 weeks pregnant! 16 weeks 2 days and counting :) What an exciting milestone for us, we’re very grateful to have come this far and are looking forward to the rest of the journey :)

I have been feeling the baby move off and on with flutters, felt a few jabs last week. Can’t wait til I start noticing more! It is amusing to listen to the baby with the doppler, I can now hear him/her waving limbs around, flipping, flopping and slooshing around in there. Adorable!

I’ve been very sick for the past week with a sinus infection, head/chest infection, sore throat, cough, sneeze and all that fun jazz! I was in bed for over 3 days miserable and suffering.

Steve came to my rescue and took great care of me! <3 I thought I would just have to suffer it out because of being pregnant and all… I was just going to let it run it’s course.

A girl at work whom is also pregnant was sick and said her doctor recommended a mucus / phlegm over the counter liquid medicine. I researched it and google agreed that it was safe for pregnant women. I was going to go to the pharmacy and get some on last Thursday.

Wednesday night I had a rough night with the whole sickies and I fell asleep out of exhaustion around 7am. I set my alarm for 10am and would call the Doctor then. Around 9:30am my knight in shining armour was in my room holding out a bottle of the mucus / phlegm medicine.

He went to the pharmacy, asked them about it. The pharmacist was reluctant to recommend it because she didn’t know enough about it and pregnancy. So Steve bought it and drove to our baby Doctor and told the nurse how sick I was and asked about the medicine.

She took him straight back to see the Doctor who asked a bunch of questions and was very concerned for the baby and I. He sent Steve with the green light on the mucus / phlegm medicine and also gave him a prescription for a puffer and an antibiotic which was safe for me to take. Nurse Steve to the rescue, he went and got that medicine too, along with more kleenex and a never ending supply of orange juice. Love him sooooooo much for taking such great care of me!


I am still not 100% better but I am a lot better than I was. I just finished the antibiotics Monday,  I still have to take the puffer but now I only need to take it as needed. I am hoping that the 5 day dose of horse pills was enough and the rest of this will pass out of my system. I have a history of relapsing and needing a second round, so we shall see.

I must be pre-nesting. My entire apartment is bugging me and I have intense urges to re-orgnaize and deep clean everything. It’s now 4am and an hour ago I finished working in my kitchen. Steve is a dear but he is messy in the kitchen! I wiped down all the counters, stove, did dishes, washed down all the cupboards and drawers, changed the garbage’s and so on.  As if that wasn’t enough I decided to re-organize and wipe down all the dry goods cupboards! What a chore that was! So glad it is done now though ;)

I am off tomorrow, so I will likely sweep  the apartment floors in each room (darn pug hair multiplies as it touches the ground I think) and I am anxious to dust down everything in the living room and bedroom. I also want to go grocery shopping while Steve is at work and surprise him with a nice home cooked meal for a change. If I don’t go to bed soon I will be sleeping until supper time at this rate :P

Tomorrow I also have 2 stops to make, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Bought an adorable hippo baby walker toy and some baby socks from one girl. Then I also bought a baby sign language book, a breastfeeding book, another baby advice book and some random clothes and 11 cloth diapers for an amazing price from an old high school classmate. I love a bargain!!!

Night night!

Apple of our eye…

Oct 16, 2013 islandangel | Uncategorized

It is hard to believe that October is half over already! Hallowe’en will be here before we know it. Do you have any Hallowe’en plans? We have a Hallowe’en party to go earlier in the week to but I will actually be working on Hallowe’en. Not going to bother decorating the place, we’ll wait til we have the pitter patter of little feet next year ;)

We are now 15 weeks and 2 days pregnant. The baby is now 4 inches long and the size of an apple. We are now able to hear the heart beat using a doppler we borrowed from a friend, so that is pretty exciting! Just re-assuring to hear the little heart beating away rhythmically. 

I have been doing my best to not buy any more baby clothes until we find out the sex of the baby. It’s hard, so many cute outfits and good bargain ;) I cannot resist a deal! I’ve been looking for other items to buy instead. Got the cutest fisher price Whale bath tub that is adorable! I also got a Winnie the Pooh bouncy chair that is very cute.

I am trying to pace myself and not go crazy buying too much, people keep reminding me that I need to leave some items for the baby shower gifts. I guess soon we will go set up a baby registry to give people an idea of what we need / want.

We have graduated from Doctor appointments every 2 weeks to every 4 now, that was good news! Our next Doctor visit is November 7th, 2013. One week later on November 14th, 2013 we go for the big big ultrasound! It’s where we go to the hospital and they spend 45 minutes give or take examining every aspect of the baby.

They will allow us to bring in 3 other friends or family after they are done doing the big exam and they will let the others see the ultrasounds too and let us bask in the glory of miracles. We also have the option of finding out if it is a boy or girl , which we are going to :D Exciting times, the count down is on! We haven’t got a preference to boy or girl, either will be a blessing and we will be thrilled. Just can’t wait to know :) 

Work is getting very busy as we get ready for the Christmas ramp up where we more than quadruple our staff and training. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t very stressful. I try my best to not let it affect me, but it is impossible because there’s a lot of responsibilities sitting on my shoulders. I just have to hope for the best and not let it negatively affect my pregnancy and blood pressure. I keep reminding myself that I am not super human, I can only do so much in the run of a day…

Steve’s got his fingers crossed and is waiting on a phone call about a potential new job. It’s so hard to find a decent job now a days that pays marginally above minimum wage. We hope to know more soon, we could use some good news on the job front for him.

The zoo is doing well. Napolean is as spoiled and sooky as ever! At night time if he can’t get between Steve and I he cries and cries and whines.  He’s stuck to us like glue and is a big mooch for our food haha…

Bertha the hamster is as fat as ever and still crazy like a hamster on roids :P She does acrobats in her cage that I did not know were possible for a Hamster of her size. She is also an escape artist and knows how to unlatch her cage. So we were using zip ties to further tie the door closed and she kept getting those off too. Such a little scamp!

Hoggle the hedgehog is pretty reclusive but very happy and has a good appetite.  He loves his big igloo home where he feels safe and secure and loves to nap.

All in all, our little family is doing well. Hope all is well in your world!

186 days to go…

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The count down is on, 186 days to go ;) We are now 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant! It’s rather exciting, but we are still rather nervous.

We are seeing my OB-Gyn every 2 weeks and we absolutely love him! We had an appointment last week and his ultrasound machine was out for repair. HE used a doppler to try and hear the heart beat. Unfortunately he could not find a heart beat with the doppler, which he assured us is very normal with being this early.

What he did next really touched my heart. He offered to call us when he left his clinic for the day and meet us at the hospital and give us an ultrasound there.  Love love love this man! True to his word, he called and met us there. The ultrasound went great. He still couldn’t measure the heart beat but that is ok, because  the baby was jumping and bouncing all over the place, as if they were on a trampoline ;) It was adorable and looked just like a baby in every way finally!

So we’re now officially in our 2nd trimester. Risk of miscarriage drops significantly, which we are grateful for. We are so thankful to be given this miracle and hope and pray the next 186 days go by uneventful.  We have a lot of family and friends support.

With having a baby there is lots to think about… Baptism? Names? Epidural? Natural Birth? etc etc etc…

As for names, I have a list of “maybe” names. No definite names chosen. Steve and I tend to have different views on names. His top boy name right now is Maxamillion… Ummmm no! Haha… The name game is going to be one of the hardest decisions, thankfully we still have 6 more months to figure it out.

Baptism… Steve’s family is Baptist, mine is Anglican. Baptists do not do infant baptism, they believe in the child making their own decision later in life and it is a full submersion baptism. Anglican believes in infant baptism with baptismal water on the head only.  So, we will have to figure that all out. We’re leaning towards an Anglican baptism. If the child wants to be re-baptized later in life at the Baptist church then they can do that too.

I go through chronic pain daily, and with pregnancy it’s easily tripled in pain. I am tired of pain and am thinking of getting an epidural during labour.  I want to enjoy my labour and delivery, not be in unbearable pain.  I’ve waited so long for this, I want to enjoy it. We shall see… Long ways to go before we have to make that decision.

Well I’ll update more later on. Time for bed!



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